Organisation of a Comprehensive AV production


Proper lightning for your conference, a microphone or digital projector for any kind of meeting, or the organisation of a comprehensive Audio Visual production? Do you need specific equipment? Or is your main concern for the sound to be clearly audible and the presentation to be clearly visible?

Whether it is a themed party, product launch, fashion show, film preview, charity function or company celebration, Alltechnics has the expertise to create and stage manage special events of all sizes, themes and persuasions.

All you need to do is enjoy the party or the conference!

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. WHY? Everything has to go without a hitch because that is what your customers, the CEO, the management and/or your personnel expect – with good reason. Our personnel will ensure that you, as an organiser, event manager or personal assistant, need not worry about any technical aspects.

Gorgeous conference venue with superb lighting

Reliable technical personnel who guide you and your speakers in a calm and friendly manner during the event. We take any last-minute change to the presentation with a smile, ensuring that your speakers get onto the stage stress-free and confidently. Is it not a dream? We would say no! This is a dream come true.

Besides our core activities (sound, light, video), we also provide full coordination of related technical suppliers:
• Set design
• Internet connections
• Multi-camera recording
• Graphic design

This way, you have one contact person for all your technical needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and we are ready to help you. We can do it, no matter what your plans are. Quailty, passion and speed are our main attributes. Let us see how we can cooperate and make your wishes come true.
Alltechnics is active in Hungary; centrally located in Budapest.

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